Have you fallen prey to Museveni’s strategy of divide and rule, divide and conquer? – Patricia Namyalo

The West uses a divide-and-rule strategy to control and rule Africa using African dictators like Museveni to clean up their dirty laundry in countries like Somalia, Sudan, Congo, and Ethiopia. #WhisperEyeNews

Museveni mastered the strategy of the West and offered himself on a silver platter to serve them. After the black hawk was down in Somalia, Americans were outraged at the loss of American lives and Museveni saw an opportunity and took it.

If Americans did not want to lose their children, Museveni was willing to sacrifice young Ugandans to fix the problem. That is why we have lost so many of our young Ugandans in the Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Iraq to mention a few countries. He created a relationship with the West that’s almost unbreakable thus the support he gets from them amidst the visible human rights violations he has committed.

When Bobi Wine came on the scene Museveni pulled out all his tricks and Ugandans are falling for them left and right. Don’t forget how we were fooled by NBS, that’s not the last of Museveni’s tricks. Not knowing how elections would turn out and what would happen after elections he started the “I CHOOSE PEACE” campaign and that was to protect himself and his family should there be chaos. In one way or another, the dictator is somehow always a step ahead and by the time we realize it, it is often too late. Museveni is very manipulative.


During the presidential campaigns of Dr. Kizza Besigye and Museveni, KB was followed and given the same inhumane treatment Bobi Wine has been given. Most would care less to know but KB’s fight for freedom came at a great cost for his brother was tortured and killed by Museveni. After the elections he was put under house arrest just like Bobi Wine so clearly it was no surprise to KB when Bobi Wine was put under house arrest after the 2021 elections. There is a danger in having opposition unity and Museveni has done everything in his power to disrupt any chances of a united opposition fighting against him in unison. The opposition has also done itself a great injustice for most leaders are focused on power and competition instead of finding ways to liberate Uganda in the shortest time possible.

Currently Bobi Wine is not allowed to appear on radio stations but Dr.Kizza Besigye and the front are allowed. WHY? The obvious answer to a person that does not think outside the box is that Dr. Kizza Besigye/Front is working for/with Museveni. If you go on platforms like THE PEOPLE’S AGENCY they say Bobi Wine is also working for/with Museveni. These narratives are being sold to naive Ugandans that have given up the capacity to think on their own and understand how Museveni uses opposition against them. Today you will be sold the narrative that Dr.Kizza Besigye is working for Museveni and tomorrow the same people that sold you that narrative will tell you that Bobi Wine is working for Museveni. Proceed with caution, what goes around, comes around in a full circle.

Yes, Museveni will let the front do whatever they want because NUP/People Power is the majority and as long as the majority is under the impression that the front is the enemy then we can’t grow our numbers as change-seeking forces. Most of this is common sense if you dare look beyond the surface.

If the Ugandan opposition fails to find people that are psychologically intelligent and can think like the dictator himself, freedom will be won but at the high cost of life and division that will take years to fix. Everyone is thinking about how to take down Museveni, not many think like him and it seems no one cares about the political space we will have to build A NEW UGANDA in after Museveni is out amidst all this division, name-calling, and abuses we are currently fueling.

Recently there was a Twitter post of Doreen Nanjura circulating all over social media, the Twitter post says ” We either vote for Obeid or NRM but not the NUP hooligans” But is Doreen, a woman who holds a prominent position that naive, I have been following her and most Comrades at the secretariat are aware that she follows them, likes their posts and positively comments on their posts. Last year I was one of the first people to alert the diaspora team that the NUP page had been hacked by the regime and they were posting on our behalf. Before you share something that can destroy a person’s reputation, think first and understand the political space we are fighting in. We are being manipulated.

Have you fallen prey to Museveni’s Strategy Of Divide And Rule, Divide And Conquer? Comrades, proceed with caution, let us be objective.

Peace and love

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