Police to arrest Mukiibi Esther on several sexual-related crimes

A woman from Entebbe is set to be charged with numerous offences related to sexual crimes, as well as sexual assault among other crimes. #News #SexualCrimes #WhisperEyeNews

Whisper Eye has learnt that Buganda Road on 11th November 2021 issued a criminal summons to Mukiibi Esther and her accomplice Caroline Nankinga in relation to sexual crimes of carnal knowledge against the order of nature and participation in unnatural offences.

Local police in Entebbe announced on Tuesday 2nd November that they are to charge 33-year-old Mukiibi Esther, who lives in Katale, Entebbe and Caroline Nankinga 35 years old who is also a resident of Entebbe believed to be the partner with three counts of committing an indecent act in a public place.

That they were seen and recorded on 16th October 2021 outside a guesthouse in Entebbe romancing and committing sexually related crimes including same-sex acts.

The Police responding to a complaint lodged by one of the in-laws of the accused named Cate Mwale noted that there is currently an active investigation that is before the courts. I can confirm there are more than one victim in this investigation.

“My late brother must have passed through a lot before he died because this was not a rightful wife he deserved; I wish he was alive to see what we used to tell him about his wife…” The complaint Cate Mwale said:

A police officer said police “currently it has carriage of this investigation because it dealt with the initial call in the area. The increasing homosexuality revealed during the course of this investigation, he added. The officer said., Many girls in Entebbe (names withheld) are to witness in court that the two have been always trying to ask them for love yet they are fellow girls.

In June 2021 Uganda Police foiled and arrested dozens of Ugandans Youth in Nansana engaging in a same sex marriage.

Local media reports that this girl Esther has been making love in many places with different girls not only Carol who is known as her partner.

The ban on same-gender sex comes after the Anti-Homosexuality Act was passed by Parliament in 2013. The law proposed life imprisonment or the death penalty. Although the bill was signed into law in 2014 by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, it was annulled by the constitutional court over issues of quorum.

The LGBT community in Uganda live a very secretive life, not only from the community but are also fearful from close family and friends, or being pronounced a cursed human being. murdered

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