“We shall definitely defeat you.” Gen Tumwine warns planning rioters

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“We shall definitely defeat you.” Gen Tumwine warns planning rioters.

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Former Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine has come out to add a voice on that of the Uganda Police warning NUP and PFT members who are planning to riot according to the intelligence gathered by police.

Gen Tumwine says that such nosense can not be accepted in Uganda an those planning to do so will definitely be defeated.

Tumwine adds that the security in Uganda will be kept and guaranteed to citizens at any cost with those planning to undermining it just looking for trouble .

The 5 star Gen who is currently a senior Presidential advisor on Security also adds that riots, demonstrations and all forms of political unrests are not happening for the first time in Uganda but it has always ended in favour of government because they have the capacity to instill displine in those trying to bring chaos and anarchy in the country.

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