EALA MP James Kakooza survives being lynched by angry mob in Lubowa over land wrangles

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EALA MP James Kakooza survives being lynched by angry mob in Lubowa over land wrangles.

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Newly elected Uganda’s representative to the East African Legislative Assembly, Hon James Kakooza on Sunday survived by a whisker to be lynched by angry residents in Lubowa, Makindye-Ssabagabo municipality over land wrangles.

Mr Kakooza has land dispute with one of his neighbours. The disputed land measuring 0.22 acres is located in Lubowa, behind Roofings Uganda Limited.

The neighbour accuses Kakooza of grabbing her land which includes her gate and a wall fence that was built to serve as the boundary. Kakooza demolished the wall fence, saying it was part of his land.

On Sunday, Kakooza survived lynching by a mob who claimed that he wanted to grab the land. He was however rescued by the police.

According to the neighbour, Kakooza allegedly instructed the contractor to demolish her gate because it is part of his land.

She adds that the police asked Kakooza to halt any developments on the disputed piece of land until the matter is resolved by the village chairpersons, but he went ahead to develop the area.

She also adds that Kakooza who claimed to have surveyed his land on February 25, did not involve her during the surveying exercise, yet when she applied for a lease title from Buganda Land Board-BLB for the land near Kakooza’s plot, her neighbours signed the survey report.

She says that she is yet to get a title after completing payment of 2.4 Million Shillings to the board.

In an interview, Kakooza insists that the land belongs to him and will continue with plans to construct apartments on the site.

Kakooza claims that he bought the land from Patrick Ssemambo who held the title from 1991, but the woman says she has been on the land since 1992. She added that Ssemambo bought the plot in the early 2000’s, not 1991 as Kakooza claims.

Kakooza says he surveyed the land in the absence of his neighbour because she could not be reached for close to two years.

This is not the first time Kakooza is embroiled in a land row. In January 2012, he was accused of alleged fraud and theft of property belonging to his late brother Simon Peter Kakooza. James Kakooza allegedly stole the property that had been entrusted to the brother.

In 2017, he also survived being beaten up by angry residents of Masaka over land issues still.

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