Nup’s Ivan Magomu Mafabi Sweeps Islamic University Law Society Election

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In a tightly contested election that saw the red camp clinch a well deserved victory over what they called external forces Nup’s Ivan Magomu Mafabi emerged as the President of the Mbale based law school.

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Magomu Ivan garnered 120 votes beating Nrm backed Mutawo Godfrey who managed to convince 94 votes and two other independent students.

Speaking to a vibrant Magomu he intimated to whisper eye that alot of efforts where done to sabotage his victory as most of his voters where looked out by the electronic voting system and hence this disenfranchised them but he thanked all those that managed to vote and reminded them that the struggle continues and thanked all students for being revolutionary and looking the dictator in the face to show that even the elites are ready to embrace change.

Magomu firther promised students that he will hard and push for a new agenda at the school of law.

Speaking to Whisper Eye Magomu also told our snoops that he is going to use his newly acquired position to advocate for change, rule of law and good governance at the university and the country at large.

He further promised to be a leader for all and promised to bring all other contestants together so as to constitute a strong government that will ably give services to the people because he believes all other contestants can add a mileage to the Noblest Faculty.

Islamic University in Uganda is an Islamic based university that has its main branch in the heart of Mbale City

Kudos Magomu Ivan Mafabi Kudos the Noblest Profession.



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