“Museveni is acting like the notorious Obote.” Charles Rwomushana

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“Museveni is acting like the notorious Obote.” Charles Rwomushana

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Political analyst and former chief spy Hon Charles Rwomushana has come out to say that there is totally no difference between Gen Museveni and Dr Milton Obote of the 60s.

Rwomushana’s words came as he appeared on one of the TV stations as he discussed Museveni’s move to deny bail to suspects.

Rwomushana said that in the 60s, Obote had the same method of ‘detention without trial’, a kick he is used to get rid of all his enemies by bypassing courts.

Rwomushana said Obote’s detention without trial has no difference from Museveni’s denial of bail to suspects because, at the end of the day, it means suspects will be locked in prisons for so long without getting a fair hearing.

Rwomushana added that it’s unfortunate that Gen Museveni is acting similarly to men he had in the past blamed for undermining human rights and being dictatorial.

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