“I would still not win had I contested in the Mityana North MP race.” Kiwanda

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“I would still not win had I contested in the Mityana North MP race.” Miranda.

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The National Resistance Movement – NRM Vice Chairperson Buganda region Hon Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi has come out to say that he made a professional move not to bother to contest in the Mityana North MP race after sensing alot of trouble and chaos that would arise had he insisted on standing.

Kiwanda says that after Securing a very sensitive party leadership role (NMR vice Buganda region), he could not be involved in some activities that would have somehow tarnished the Party’s image.

“My people should know that I decided not to contest after thinking what would have happened ahead. If I had gone to the party primaries and won, my opponent Mr Kibedi Nsegumire would come as an independent and Vice versa and thus this would split the nrm supporters into two giving a candidate from any other party an avenue to win.” He said

“As a senior leader in the party, I decided to step aside for my brother Kibedi Nsegumire for the good of the party.” Kiwanda added

Kiwanda also added that sometimes when you love your party, you have to sacrifice alot for the good of all of you something that is part of his ethics and conduct.

Kiwanda urged the People of Mityana North to work with the current area MP for the good of the community as well as for its development.

Mr Kiwanda however kept the cards on to his chest when asked as to whether he will come back in 2026 to re-secure his constituency.

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