Gov’t should decriminalize sex work and tax it instead- since we are desperate for revenue – Kakwenza

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Gov’t should decriminalize sex work and tax it instead- since we are desperate for revenue.

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With all honesty, no war against sex worker shall ever be won. The attempt failed a combination of ancestor Constantine and his repressive Canon laws in the 320’s AD.

Canon law defined a sex worker as a promiscuous woman or a whore who was available for the lust of many men. But lately, even men are available to be bought by rich women for sexual pleasure.

In Uganda, most women and men who engage in the sex work do so because they are looking for survival; the living condition is dire and to survive, they have to spread lower limbs and present their womb entrances or phalluses for commercialized plunging such that they can afford a decent living.

It is though very wrong to think that only those nubile species who stand under lampposts in Kabalagala and on Speke Road with glistening sparkling thighs and almost dropping succulent breasts and thongs, do sex work. There are also many married, working class people among others who open their legs on quid-pro quo arrangement to augment their picayune incomes. Even in parliament, there are many, especially during campaigns when they are soliciting for cash to facilitate patronage.

In ancient Rome—where the colonial religion of Christianity emanated from—sex work was not criminalized and it was public and widespread. Even Roman men of the highest social status were free to engage sex workers without incurring moral disapproval as long as they demonstrated self-control and moderation in the frequency and enjoyment of sex. The occupation was highly tolerated because it helped prevent the greater evils of rape, defilement sodomy and masturbation during that time.

Sex work has existed as an occupation since time immemorial and has roots in the ancient East where it was practiced in the shrines, temples and houses of heaven dedicated to different deities and it was referred to as sacred sex which would be performed in the context of religious worship, possibly as a form of fertility rite or divine marriage–until emperor Constantine destroyed it and replaced such practices with Christianity and introduced Canon law to criminalize such practices on a moral ground. But did the occupation cease to exist?

Even an outbreak of syphilis in Naples in the year 1494 which later swept across Europe didn’t stop sex work. The outbreak of Gonorrhea, AIDS and other terrible or threatening sexually transmitted diseases hasn’t scared sex workers from offering their pum-pum and phalluses for cash but instead the numbers have increased and this government of Gen. Yoweri Museveni think that by imposing legislation on private matters of adult consent will stop the act?

Not even the current laws have stopped it and that is why websites like exotic escorts Kampala exist and unemployed youths are busy earning untaxed income.

Government should decriminalize sex work after all Uganda Revenue Authority is hungry for taxes and this could be a great opportunity to collect taxes from brothels and Johns such that they have money at their disposal to steal and fill their bellies.

By failing to decriminalize sex work and taxing them, the government is losing huge revenue mobilization just like they have ignored colonial shrines as pastors collect huge offertory which fills bullion vans to the bank, but the same government is over taxing internet which is key in this digital era.

We have more colonial shrines than we have factories. In some places, these shrines compete for polluting the noise since they are close to each other.

Just like Human Rights Watch recently pronounced, criminalizing adult, voluntary and consensual sex- including the commercial exchange of sexual services – is incompatible with the human right to personal autonomy and privacy. A government should not be telling consenting adults who they can have sexual relations with and on what terms.

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