Kizza Besigye supporter Moses Kauswaga released from Kitalya Prison after 10 years lockup

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By Kaweesa Hope Mulangira

Kizza Besigye supporter released from Kitalya after 10 years lockup.

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Uganda strong man @kizzabesigye1 diehard supporter has been released from Kitalya prison.

Mr. Moses Kamuswaga was released from Kitalya prison and he regained his freedom.

According to former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader, Rtd Col Dr. Kizza Besigye Mr. Moses Kamuswaga a Kisekka Market activist has been in prison since 2021 walk-to-walk protests.

Moses was arrested after the famous walk-to-walk 2011 protests that were led by Kizza Besigye.

The famous walk-to-work protests occurred in Uganda in April 2011, as a reaction to the high cost of living. The protests took place following the presidential elections in February 2011 and involved several opposition candidates led by Kizza Besigye.

Mr. Moses Kamuswaga in a black jacket (photo shared by Kizza Besigye)

Kizza Besigye posted “Moses Kamuswaga, a Kisekka Market activist, who has been in prison since 2011 Walk2Work protests, regained freedom yesterday from Kitalya prison”!

He was sentenced on false charges of terrorism! Many people have paid a high price in ongoing liberation struggle. Kizza Besigye added.

According to Kizza Besigye, Mr. Moses Kamuswaga he’s strong and ready to continue with the struggle.

Kizza Besigye has commanded a span of 20 years period democratically challenging the leadership of President Museveni.

He has also stood four times for the top political seat in this country and recently he has been handpicked to be the chairman of the newly launched People’s Front for Transition (PFT) a political pressure group that has seen many opposition leaders join hands to challenge president Museveni before 2026.

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