Cancer Awareness our Individual Obligation

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This month of October is put aside as the cancer awareness month.

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We welcome this month with individual involvement in preaching the message of hope to the fighters but even most importantly to spread the gospel of deterrence on how we can eradicate this deadly disease out of our country and the world at large.

This article aims at nothing less than this! The inception of the solution is the identification of the root cause. Tobacco has been identified to cause the death of about 22% of cancer deaths. Similarly, nutritional challenges have rampantly been a causative factor to many of our people. Ignorance of the need for screening and inaccessibility of screening centers most especially in rural areas can account for the rising numbers of breast cancer.

It then becomes justifiably important for the need to inform society on the preventative mechanisms that can be taken to kick cancer out of society. Our individual efforts barked up with the vehement efforts of non-government organizations in influencing policy formation for example on tobacco usage that target such identifiable causes of cancer.

The emphasis on proper diet, healthy weight maintenance, screening for cancer, exercising often should be encouraged indiscriminately of age and gender in securing a cancer-free society.
In my view, we should collectively this month center our campaign on hope and deterrence. And this can be entrenched to the fact that cancer can’t cripple love, it can’t shatter hope and it can’t conquer the spirit.

This cancer campaign will feed society with faith and fears will be starved to death. These seeds of faith are with every single one of us and sometimes it will just take a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth. To the fighters, we support them: to the survivors, we learn from them; we honor the taken but above all, we never ever give up on hope.

Kalule Adrian

Law Student

Speaker UYD

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