Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni: If you think am weak, try to touch my power and see

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If you think am weak, try to touch my power and see.” Gen Yoweri @KagutaMuseveni.

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Gen Museveni while addressing the nation during the Independence celebrations at Kololo said that those who think he is weak should dare try to touch or check his power and see what can happen to them.

Museveni said he is among the underpaid civil servants in Uganda getting a salary of 3.5 million shillings but complains less because his aim is to serve the people of Uganda.

Museveni says even when he gets little salary, no one can challenge his authority because everyone knows who is the president of this country and all know what he is capable of.

He adds that he is aware that there are many Ugandans who get salaries of over 50 million plus but that doesn’t make them more powerful than him.

Gen Museveni also used the opportunity to tell arts teachers that there is no salary increment for them just with the NRA Gen adding that a country rides on science with arts just being marginal.

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