Babirye Cares foundation launches offices in Katabi Entebbe, gives out 10,000 face masks

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Babirye Cares foundation launches offices in Entebbe gives out 10,000 face masks.

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The Executive Director of the Network of Women In Politics (NOWIP) Babirye Lilliane has launched offices of Babirye Care Foundation in Katabi town council, Entebbe.

While launching the Foundation offices on Monday 11th October 2021 this week, Ms Babirye Lillian vowed to care about all vulnerable groups of people in Entebbe.

In accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) a few people where invited, and among them were Katabi Town Council councillors.

Councillors led by the male youth Councillor Innocent Ssenoga promised to work with Babirye Cares to create a difference in Entebbe ‘City’.

On the official launch, Ms Babirye Lillian the founder of Babirye Cares gave out 10,000 face masks to be distributed in Entebbe to those in need.

Babirye Lilliane with some of the councillors at the launch of the foundation

“We decided to open up an office here in Katabi after making research, and discovered that this town council is one of the most populated in the proposed new city of Entebbe,” says Ms Babirye.

“There are many vulnerable people that need help from the Foundation, and we are committed to achieving it, ” Our promise, Our Care”, she explained.

Babirye Cares office is located along with Entebbe – Kampala road opposite Cinema Hall.

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