“We don’t need any clearance from NUP to start a new pressure group.” FDC’s Amuriat

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FDC President who is also a member of the new PFT pressure group has come out to say that forming a new pressure group didnot require to get clearance from any opposition party because the struggle for change is for all Ugandans with no one holding the mandate to do so.

Amuriat adds that the leading opposition party in parliament is not the only group entitled to lead the struggle especially when they don’t wish or have no capacity but its upon any one who can open up a front to start and see that Uganda is liberated.

“Leading Opposition in Parliament doesn’t have to lead anytruggle against a dictator if they don’t wish, are not prepared or have no capacity to.” Amuriat said

Amuriat also adds that Mandela led the struggle against Apartheid SA from outside parliament with FDC or PFT needing no permission from any one to fight Museveni down.

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