“Besigye met Bobi wine 3 times asking him to join the PFT but turn down the request on all occasions.” Ssemujju Nganda

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Kira Municipality MP who also doubles as the FDC spokesperson Hon Ssemujju Nganda has let the cat out the bag explaining the absence of NUP in the new pressure group formed led by Dr Kizza Besigye.

Ssemujju says that Dr Besigye met Kyagulanyi on three different occasions all in the vain of asking Kyagulanyi to join the new pressure group aimed at ousting Gen Museveni but the ghetto gladiator turned down the offer on all occasions.

Ssemujju’s words came as he was appearing on a radio political talk shown known as Olutindo on Radio Simba.

Ssemujju adds that the People Power leaders don’t have to lead this Red Card Platform saying that If anyone can convince them to come and join the PFT and even lead it, let him or her do it because Dr. Besigye tried but they refused.

“Besigye met Hon Kyagulanyi thrice and did the same with Hon Norbert Mao. If they aren’t comfortable coming to the Red Card Platform, let them announce what they are comfortable with and we shall come and follow them under their leadership. ” Ssemujju roared

Ssemujju said that as FDC, what they can’t accept is for one to sit in the party offices and direct that others to do nothing and then say nobody else should organize to oppose Museveni in anyway until he gets the guts to come up and lead something.

“If you are on steering of the car as you say, please drive and we be comfortable in our passenger seats. But if you just sit on the steering and you aren’t driving but just waiting for the next EC Road Map, we aren’t going to be able to do that. ” Ssemujju added

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