Women In Politics Benefit From An Urgent Action To Overcome Financial Distress Post 2021-Election Period

Women In Politics Benefit From An Urgent Action To Overcome Financial Distress Post 2021-Election Period.

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NOWIP has since July 2021 conducted financial literacy virtual training for a section of Women in Politics from Wakiso District who participated in the just concluded 2021 elections to ensure a high finance discipline in financial management and recovery.

Whisper Eye has learnt that the training included Women in Politics who had not made it to the parliament and councillor level from Wakiso District.

Part of the support, NOWIP has developed a training manual on specific financial literacy strategies for them and collective actions adaptable to other female leaders across the country.

This training came at a time when Women in Politics were in urgent need of financial empowerment to recover from election stress. A total of 100 Women in Politics have received the trained and support in finance management, debt management, risk assessments in business, etc.

The key lessons have so far been Women recovery from post-election financial stress after acquiring knowledge on financial management.

They learnt to minimise spending, the need action plan and to be calculative, as well as managing debt; They have been empowered to conceptualize creative business ideas, doing things differently in the competitive business environment amidst the COVID19 pandemic.

Also, the leaders have learnt the importance of undergoing business formalization such as registration record-keeping and networking.

Speaking to Madam Kibirige Janat one of NOWIP members hailing from Wakiso emphasized that she gained extensive knowledge on debt management and she encouraged fellow women who are business owners to avoid taking debts.

As a result of the training, Women in Politics pledged to improve business processes because of the business coaching received on accounting, procurement processes, financial management based on emerging business trends.

Babirye Lilliane NOWIP ED said, ” The WIP learnt how to analyze the weaknesses in business and how to mitigate risk to push their businesses forward through formulating individual businesses risk management frameworks”.

As Nowip we shall work to improve our fellow Women in the country in all corners, she added.

Moving on the trained leaders appealed to NOWIP and UAF to bring more training of similar subjects and ensure that all members benefit in other regions of the country so that colleagues in other regions get a chance to acquire this knowledge.

The Network Women in Politics (hereinafter referred to as NOWIP) was founded in 2018 by former Women political aspirants in the previous 2016 Ugandan General elections. It brings together women leaders between ages 18 to 45, these are women already holding leadership positions (incumbent female MPS, District and local council representatives, former women MP aspirants, former MP direct seat women aspirants, former women councillor aspirants, former women representatives and special interest groups aspirants across all political divides.

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