President Museveni stop using and dumping youth after elections – Akampa Tanbull

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President Museveni stop using and dumping youth after elections – Akampa Tanbull.

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Your Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, last week should have been so hectic on your side.

Due to the fact that you have had several engagements including officiating at Uganda day and launch of the Dubai Expo, meeting the US Envoy, your trip to Ethiopia for the swearing in Ceremony of H.E Abiy Ahmed Ali for his 2nd term of office. How time can run!
H.E Ahmed Ali and your great son Lt Gen Keinerugaba should almost be the same age! I presume is one of the few Presidents in Africa who believes and trusts in your guidance and rich experience!

For you have really been greatly blessed by God to witness all these fundamental changes of guards not just across Afrika but world over.

How I wish to tap into that flowing cup of blessings! To the extent that even when the opposition political parties come together to launch a pressure campaign for peaceful transition, I don’t even get to know that they did! Even with their sloganeering of twetase! Twerwaneko! Under their umbrella of People’s Front For Transition(PFT)!
I shan even making a comment as if pressure groups no longer make news to me!

All they seem up to is to cannibalize on each other to hoodwink Ugandans so as to swallow more NUP, a few ANT lost supporters and kaboom! 2026 comes another election year, they all run back to their individual political parties so as to get party flags!

Your Excellency, where as NRM has won a number of elections with you being the party flag bearer and Chairman, there are some practices that should stop, the vice of only engaging, courting youth during campaigns/elections with numerous incentives, logistics, promises and abandoning them after elections to only be handled by the security apparatus is not growing NRM the party but rather tearing it apart.

Some of your handlers from State House, ministers and party leaders especially at the NRM secretariat have a tendency of deceiving, using youth and dumping them after elections. Some cut off communication, others speak to these youth arrogantly, threaten them or even arrest some using the security apparatus.

Both NRM and those converted opposition youth have really faced it more rougher this time around.

NRM, the mass party which you lead is not harnessing the potential, the energy, the innovativeness, creativity, the loyalty that most of the young people bring on board.

It is absurd that there are many groups that were used by your handlers from State house and dumped.

Personally I know of over 10 groups that are cursing why they joined, supported, worked for NRM and President Museveni during the 2020/2021 campaigns and elections.

Is it a practice that all your handlers are taught or these are politics of the day?

The attitude of what can Youth do after campaigns or elections should stop if we are to see NRM after you President Museveni and if this is deliberate, we are likely not to have NRM when you are no longer a President Sir.

The youth should politically be engaged, supported continuously even after elections, this creates a sense of belonging and the next electioneering process becomes cheaper due to the fact that youth are not cursing why they massively and actively participated in the previous elections.

In 2026, elections will be more expensive due to the fact that we shall have more milenials or those born in the late 1990s or early 2000s, they share no any history of those born on the 1980s and below.

For this generation, Kitalya will not be a solution! They will not be scared or threatened to confront the security apparatus, they use emotional than reasoning!

They have less to loose whether they supported a political party or not, whether they supported President Museveni or not. All they will be yarning for is most likely to be either I get something from the person in power or I vote for change!

And this narrative could be redirected or changed if engaged in political siasa , ideological doctrine or orientation earlier.

This will make NRM, the mass party grow its loyalty as well increase its membership further who will not just be schemers during campaigns or election period.

For God & my Country Uganda.

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