9th October Comes With Pride Upon Which Our Nation is Built.

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This day has a direct bearing on what we reap from the fortune of enjoyment of peace, development & prosperity. We embrace independence with acclaim: in the earnest hope that in the pursuit of our much desired destiny, we are beholden to the future generations who are the true owners.

We further proclaim voluminous ambitions embedded in our historical origin. An origin that defines it’s people. This day still comes with a remarkable recognition of the men and women that worked each day to fight off the bouts of fear and pessimism and bravery filled with faith belief & determination raised our flag while the Union Jack was lowered : For this we shall honour, Respect and safeguard in full assurance of our destiny.

Fifty nine years now and more to come, we sing our national Anthem in beautiful melodies, the children of our soils profes our country’s motto and our country’s identity – the ugandan flag never leaves the sky. Happy birthday my mother land!

Kalule Adrian
Law student.
Speaker UYD.

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