AKAMPA Tanbull: Our niche at DubaiExpo remains agriculture & tourism, not Robot Technology

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AKAMPA Tanbull: Our niche at DubaiExpo remains agriculture & tourism, not Robot Technology.

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Well, a month or so ago, the President of Uganda, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, and other agencies to organize and participate in the DubaiExpo2021.

This forum brings together more than one hundred Countries to showcase not only their products and services but also their cultures.

Uganda has nailed it, rather than showcasing the Kayora Bus/Kira car, which is not our niche, they have smartly exhibited the beautiful equator, Lato Milk, drums, Uganda Investment Authority(UIA) table, and Uganda airlines in the sky.

Now, a section of Ugandans are castigating Uganda that whereas other countries are showcasing robot technologies and the technology of the next generation, we have Lato milk, drums, and crested crane!

These are shallow-minded Ugandans, our niche as a Country is with in our cultures as a people of Uganda, our agriculture( good whether that gives us good organic variety foods including Milk) and our breathtaking tourism sites, the reason we are the Pearl of Afrika.

Uganda Airlines will start flying to Dubai starting from Monday 4th/10/2021 and that is all business, the Uganda Investment Authority has a desk where they are giving information and license to all those interested in investing in Uganda.

Not all countries should showcase technology, our niche is what is being showcased. Agriculture, tourism.

Participating in the Dubai Expo as a Country enables us to be on the international scene and numerous opportunities come along, furthermore we strengthen our relationship ties with the people of UAE where many Ugandans are working.

It is our patriotic Citizenry’s role to promote our Country Uganda than being her enemies.

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