President Museveni meets Ugandans working in the UAE

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President Museveni meets Ugandans working in the UAE.

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Yesterday, H.E President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met and held discussions with Ugandans living in UAE through their respective leaders from the Association of Ugandans living in the United Arab Emirates (AUU).

They discussed about issues like; Human trafficking especially for Ugandan girls and the working conditions in the diaspora.

President Museveni pledged that the government will henceforth put in place a shelter where girls can be kept when they get problems in UAE and the Middle East and also strengthen the laws on the movement of people outside the country to eliminate trafficking.

Gen Museveni also pledged to support the SACCO of the association with 100,000 US dollars which money members can borrow from to start up their own investments.

Gen Museveni also thanked the members for being disciplined and representing the country well urging them to invest in Uganda because it is their home.

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