The discussion about the Chapter 4 of the Constitution of Uganda is a diversion – Obedgiu Samuel

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The discussion about the Chapter 4 of the Constitution of Uganda is a diversion – Obedgiu Samuel.

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The Rights to bail, Rights to Fair hearing, etc, are entrenched rights and are not easy to manipulate or change anything about them, requires a referendum, it’s not like the Age limit or term limit sort of things. Even Mr Museveni knows this very well deep inside him.

Mr Museveni is just using it to divert both the Parliament of Uganda and Ugandans from making inquires into the Covid-19 scandals.

Parliament budgeted and gave the government about 10 trillion shillings to address Covid-19 related issues like buying vaccines, ICU beds, etc. But up to now, no single vaccine has been bought, instead, we are begging and depending on donated vaccines, up to now the money which was meant to buy ICU beds are nowhere to be seen, instead recently I saw Nile Breweries Limited and other fairly okay people living in Uganda donating oxygen cylinders to Ministry of Health- Uganda.

The regime concentrated on eating and failed to plan for the country. Right now we risk losing almost an entire generation of young girls especially those from the rural schools who of course are the majority, due to the impact of Covid-19.

You have watched on news and read in papers how the unnecessary pregnancies and defilement have grown to peaks in Uganda as Uganda Police Force who are supposed to strengthen and implement the law on defilement and other issues to help shape the community, are ranked in distinction (77%) on corruption according to the recent Auditor General’s report. And the Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda is watching as things fall apart.

For the boys who will dropout out of school, it’s not going to be so bad for them because they will go around hustling and hunting for money to so survive by washing cars, slashing compounds of the rich, burning charcoal, etc.

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