No bail for killers, if you kill you will be killed, says Gen Museveni

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No bail for killers, if you kill you will be killed.” Gen Museveni.

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Yesterday, President Museveni while addressing the nation on matters of Security made further assertions on the issue of bail to killers.

Gen Museveni said that infact not giving bail is enough but rather suggested that if one kills, he should also be killed by hanging or firing squad to ensure equality.

“If you kill, you will also be killed. We must ensure equality. Why would you kill and you are just sentenced for life imprisonment.” Gen Museveni roared

Gen Museveni added that he is working closely with the Judiciary and the Nrm Caucus to ensure that this is put in the law.

Gen Museveni also ordered the police to stop giving bond to Criminals because this is injustice to the victims they harmed. He said that bond should not just be given any how without strict consultation.

Gen Museveni added that inorder to shape the behavior of society, leaders have to be strict on issues concerning human life.

” We must be strict. If some one is killed, he is gone for good. Then why should the killer be given bail to roam freely out side. No bail for Criminals. One will only walk away freely if it is discovered that he or she is innocent.” He said

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