“Gen Museveni has resorted to suppression of his political opponents.” Charles Rwomushana

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“Gen Museveni has resorted to suppression of his political opponents.” Charles Rwomushana.

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Former ISO operatives Charles Rwomushana has come out to say that is incapable of resolving the contradictions arising out of the current political violence.

He says that Gen Museveni is using suppression but with time when the situation goes out of hand, he may even opt to Killing just as it happened during the NRA war.

“Of course I assume we have that minimum consensus that we face organised vicious political violence. This violence must have political outcomes. ” Rwomushana says

“When we promulgated the 1995 Constitution, our focus was the vice of presidents like Museveni who after State capture become a danger to opponents and liberties of dissenters. ” Rwomushana adds

Rwomushana says that the alleged crimes Museveni sings around , the constitution provided that should someone do 12 months remand without trial, then that person should be granted bail.

Rwomushana says that if there was proof that if Museveni was allowed to detain as many suspects as he wanted and that would end the Panga Squads Operations, then somehow may be his idea would hold water.

“The 1967 Constitution could not curtail Museveni NRA inspired political violence. That very violence culminated in the 1995 constitution. The 1995 constitution must collapse under the same violence that hatched it. Museveni legitimacy and that of his fraudulent 1995 constitution has come to an end.” Rwomushana adds

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