Uganda 2026: ” Bobi Wine lacks the capacity to lead Uganda.” Gen Elly Tumwine

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” Bobi Wine lacks the capacity to lead Uganda.” Gen Elly Tumwine

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Former Security Minister and NRA bush war hero Gen Elly Tumwine has come out to say that NUP President Hon Kyagulanyi lacks the experience and capacity to lead Uganda considering the tasks and troubles that his regime can face if he becomes president.

Gen Tumwine says that a good leader for Uganda must have some military experience to have the capacity to make clean and secure decisions as far as commanding the military is concerned especially by the fact that Uganda has so many enemies who may wish to use any small ports of weaknesses in the system to bring about insecurity in the country.

Tumwine adds that Kyagulanyi is a good musician but not a politician advising him to take his musical career further and leave politics to Generals who know what to do.

” Whom will he command? Can he even chair the army Council or the High Command? I don’t see him as the head of state in Uganda, not even when Museveni is gone someday. Politics is not music, let him concentrate on his music.” Tumwine says

Tumwine is among the top Generals including Gen Otafiire who publically came out to say that Kyagulanyi can never be their commander in chief especially due to his lack of military experience.

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