MP Ssegirinya grabbed, whisked away by security forces, a few minutes after jail release

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@HonSsegirinya was grabbed and whisked away by Security forces, a few minutes after Securing bail.

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Hon Allan Ssewanyana isn’t the only one who was re-arrested after Securing bail. Yesterday, his Kawempe North counterpart Hon Ssegirinya faced the same situation as armed Security operatives ganged around the car his was seated in forcefully opening it and pulling him out.

Before the arrest, Ssegirinya’s car took off at high speed, the operatives chased it in what looked like a fast and furious car race. Towards getting near the main road, Ssegirinya’s driver was forced to stop to avoid cruising through a highway which may have caused an accident.

Ssegirinya who was seated with Hon Shamim Malende in the back seat was later pulled out and thrown into a security van commonly known as a drone.

Ssegirinya who cried saying he was sick and needed treatment, words were taken not serious by the operatives whose mission was not to allow him to walk away free.

Recently, President Museveni said it is forbidden for criminals especially killers to be given bail because many killers will continue to commit crimes well knowing they can secure bail and walk away free.

It is yet to be known where Ssegirinya was taken.

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