President Museveni insists killers should not be given bail

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President Museveni insists, killers should not be given bail . Whisper Eye News

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Gen Museveni says that the idea of giving bail to Criminals especially killers and murders is totally unlawful urging that such people should remain jailed until Investigations and persecution are done.

“For somebody to kill a person and you give them bail is a provocation. It is abominable. I would like us to cure this ideological disagreement. This bail, what is the hurry? Who are you trying to please?” Gen Museveni said

Gen Museveni said this a matter that is going to be sorted out lawfully and thus is he going to summon the NRM caucus to discuss the matter and if necessary the matter will be subjected to a referendum for Ugandans to decide.

Museveni adds that with bail given to everyone at ease,people will take the law into their hands to do unjust crimes well knowing the can walk away free after securing bail.

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