Museveni should appoint new education Minsiter, First Lady too busy.” FDC

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Museveni should appoint new education Minsiter, First Lady too busy.” @FDCOfficial1 .

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Speaking to the press this morning at the party Headquarters, the FDC spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has said that the country needs a new ‘full-time’ minister of Education and Sports if the education sector is to ever resurrected.

Ssemujju says that the current Education minister Janet Museveni seems to be busy and ‘inaccessible’ at a time when education is in a crisis.

Ssemujju added that to meet the challenges the lockdowns have imposed on the education sector, the country needs a full-time minister who is ready to be in the field identifying problems and suggesting solutions.

Ssemujju also added that if Janet Museveni’s ministerial appointment is one of the marriage gifts that President Museveni gave her as his wife, she should be transferred to a less demanding ministry.

“She is busy and inaccessible to handle this crisis. Mr Museveni can give his wife a less demanding ministry such as a ministry without a portfolio,” Ssemujju said.

President Museveni in his address on Covid-19 last week on Wednesday said that post secondary education Institutions like universities and tertiary institutions can resume on November 1, 2021.

The president however hid his cards as on schools until January 2022, saying teachers and learners above 18 years need to be vaccinated up to at least 4.8 million in total before reopening.

Ssemujju, in his remarks said that FDC disagrees with this date because the education sector has been severely hit and needs to resume as soon as next month.

“We disagree with Museveni’s school opening date of January 2022. The education sector has been disoriented by lockdowns which require a transitional period to streamline it,” Ssemujju said.

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