AKAMPA Tanbull: Bad Black as brand ambassador Victoria University is the best business decision ever

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Well, new and tough times call for innovative, strategic new ways and tough decisions to influence brand visibility and viability especially for Institutions of higher learning.

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To beat the usual traditions of huge finances involved in mainstream media advertising, it is more visible to assign new digital media influencers as brand ambassadors. More people, more youth especially those who want to go to University are always glued on their phones, IPads, or laptops on digital media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, tweeter, Instagram, TikTok and others thus Victoria University thinking of appointing Bad black as a brand ambassador makes more marketing sense.

This was the blockbuster branding and marketing decision one could think of.

As we speak, Victoria University is not the only talk of the nation but talk of the world, so trending that even international students are so willing to fly in to enroll at Victoria University or even take online courses/classes.

This University has all that a student needs to succeed not only in academics but also in life career because it does not just teach students to only pass and graduate but further open Windows of opportunities and exposure to the world.

With a state of art learning environment, a fully stocked library, free internet access, laptops, computers/IPads to students for innovative self-tailored learning, a whole round successful human being is skilled.

Victoria university beats the norm of traditional higher learning in the country, Uganda and East Africa, this I have experienced for the time I have associated with the institution.

No one should keep you at home because of COVID-19, at Victoria University, learning is progressive whether physical or even online.

Education and learning are brought into your sitting room, at your workstation or even at the palm of your hands. Just a click away!

Come prepared to learn, leave prepared to succeed!
Kudos to Victoria University.

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