Big Story: The Masaka criminals are miscalculating, I will end them – Gen Museveni

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Gen Museveni while addressing the nation on Wednesday on issues of covid 19 spared some time to speak about the Bijambiya killings in greater Masaka.

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Gen Museveni said he doesn’t know why these assailants are trying to miscalculate to think that they can use anti-people technics to cause insecurity and take power by force from the NRM.

Museveni said that this government has in the past defeated so many groups that thought could cause chaos in the country giving examples of the ADF, LRA of Kony, Lwakwena among others.

Museveni assured the people of Masaka that they should stay calm because some of the killers have been arrested while others and on the run because they are being hunted one.

Gen Museveni also advised those families that can afford to have a mobile phone to take advantage of the technology to always call the Police in case they detect any trouble somewhere.

The Bijambiya assailants have so far killed 29 people especially the old but for the past few weeks, the killings have stopped something that has given hope to the locals that peace will soon prevail once again.

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