The govt should focus on building a sustainable economy through the young people – Obedgiu Samuel

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The govt should focus on building a sustainable economy through the young people – Obedgiu Samuel

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Its no doubt that the young people constitute over 75% of the Uganda’s population. For now, the contribution of the youths to development shouldn’t be much emphasised, however their contribution to the economic growth of Uganda largely depend on the opportunities given to them and the environment to serve.

Facts has it that the working population of any society are the youths (18 – 35 years). That’s the most productive age bracket in any society in the world. Whatever any Gov’t does with this category, will determine what that society will be like in the future.

Literatures of the pre- industrial African Societies which has a commodity based kind of economy has it that men married as many wives as they could and gave birth to as many children as possible because it determined their family’s levels of productivity. Boys were fore labour and girls were sources of wealth because they were married off and in return parents accumulated wealth inform of livestocks.

Now, translating that to the modern time, the man power in any given society are the young people. That is why we shouldn’t joke with issues that have to do with employment, education and trainings.

The young people need a condusive environment to help create opportunities for them. An enabling environment that can help them discover , develop and deploy their God’s given potentials.

Its important that we appreciate the fact that young people are associated with ambitions, desires and willingness to get things done. Scientifically, its proven that the testosteron hormones in boys and progesteron hormones in girls are very high in such age bracket, hence must carefully chanelled for productive purpose.

The hard talk here is to address issues of unemployment that is affecting Youths more and under employment where someone is more qualified for the job he/she could be doing. If the above issues are improperly addressed, then we are siting on a cake of a gun powder. The only way we can achieve our economic development as Uganda is by tapping on the potentials in young people.

How old was Bilgates, Mark Zuckerberg when they came out with the innovations that has to date made them billionares?. Because those Societies had enabling environment which allowed them deploy their ideas, now they are who they wanted to be.

As if conclude, any society that wants to have a worthy future must develop a comprehensive policy and programs to address the issues around the youths unemployment, Youth education and engagements.

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