Turkish contractor defrauds UNRA 60 billion shillings, run to Kuwait

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Turkish contractor defrauds UNRA 60 billion shillings, run to Kuwait.

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A Turkish contractor received an advance payment of Shs60 billion in March 2020 from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) and used it to work on a road project in Kuwait.

The money in question was meant for the construction works on Muyembe-Nakapiripiriti road but it was transferred and diverted for another project in Kuwait by the Defrauder.

The shocking information was revealed by a whistle-blower through a letter to Allen Kagina, the Executive Director of UNRA.

The Muyembe-Nakapiripiriti road project which started in 2020 has up to date registered challenges which are obstructing and retarding its progress. The worst of all is that almost all the challenges are deliberately initiated by the project management and some individuals from and within the supervisory authority.

In a letter dated 29th March, 2021, the whistle-blower exposes how some top officials at the authority led by Titus Aleper connived with Polatyol Construction Company to swindle billions of shillings at the expense of Uganda’s taxpayers.

Aleper is the UNRA Project Manager for Muyembe-Nakapiripiriti road construction works.

“The Contractor was advanced Shs60 billion and took it to a project in Kuwait while Uganda was still under Covid-19 Lockdown last year. The Project in Kuwait was terminated and the contractor cannot recover that money,” the whistle-blower told Ms Kagina.

“Between KM85-90,the Consultant /Engineer had a design but the alignments were changed on
orders of Aleper to an extent of an offset of 300 meters to 500 meters without a genuine reason but with an aim of stealing government money in terms of compensation. On top of that Aleper keeps sending people to the contractor to recruit them forcefully. In this regard they are not at times competent for the work.”

The whistle-blower also revealed that Aleper who is known to be arrogant even to his superiors at UNRA, works closely with his immediate bosses at the authority – Alfred Ojik and Eng Muhoozi ( Head of Road Development) to mismanage the project as well as to frustrate the Consultant/ Engineer who tries to put the work on course.

“I suggest you use an independent body like Engineering brigade ,Police Unit or another company because those
names mentioned above (Ojik and Muhoozi) have a lot of influence. They bought land where the road is going to pass using other people and they want to be compensated highly, the consultant/Engineer is aware.” Whistle blower said

Last month, President Museveni ordered for the dissolution of UNRA authority for what he termed as being corrupt.

Its surprising that until now the contractor has not fully mobilized, not even the required equipment/ machinery is at the site with the camp site not fully constructed.

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