Gen. Muhoozi blocking critics on twitter envisions a malignant future dictator – Kakwenza Rukirabashaija

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Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba the commander of land forces of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces,

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is undoubtedly a public figure regardless of whether he climbed to this position by merit or because of being the son to the commander in chief. So, his twitter account is an account of public interest since he uses it to conduct official and public business.

By virtue of the office he occupies, it is a sign of babyshness, cowardice, intolerance and lack of emotional intelligence to begin blocking the detractors who disagree with what he posts on his twitter account.

His Twitter page is the face of his position through which he expresses himself on any subject concerning the UPDF and day to day trending subjects.

Everyone who disagrees with this parochial General whether respectfully or with fierce diatribes, is blocked. I think the power hungry General, under the apprenticeship of his autarch father, is trying to show us who he would be in case he successfully inherits his father’s throne.

Selectively excluding those whose views he disagrees with is perhaps a true representation or a peep inside his future presidency.

It is not a secret that he bankrolls a few desperate chamchas who are always everywhere on social media either using fake or real accounts promoting his ‘unpromotable’ project of 2026-2031 presidency.

Why would a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes, exclude critics from an otherwise-open twitter dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees? Isn’t that a signal that he is being incubated to become the worst leader? He should take note and recognize the need to be able to withstand criticism from people who facilitate his plush lifestyle lest he forgets that his entire family are penchants for opulence courtesy of taxpayers and foreign aid.

Imagine a whole commander of the army who posts something on social media and blocks all the comments which generate criticism and leaves those that generate deep praise of encomiums! He is an avalanche of a rolling disaster who at the same time wants to be president. That is laughable. He has zero qualities of a contemporary leader; his uncouth manner of handling issues at hand perhaps belong to the stone age period.

A General in the army with dozens of highly trained bodyguards, armored convoy, fat salary and allowances to block a poor man like me who moves on foot and only owns a smartphone in my name because I disagreed with him is the biggest joke of the century. What will he do to us once he becomes a president as per his imagination?

All along I thought I had been the only person whom he blocked until recently when I saw hundreds of people on Facebook and twitter complaining about the same. If it is true that he wants to be president one day, which kind of leader will he be and why does he think that with such a malodorous character of blocking critics, he will not turn out to be worse than his father?

Truth is, no one will be a public official parasitizing on taxes and is not criticized. But basing on his aspirations as someone who is eying the top job, it is sine qua non to learn how to win millions of his critics to his side in lieu of excluding them from what he posts on social media.

It is an indicator that once his infertile ego of becoming president at long last turns out to be fertile, he will, just like his father, become a president of only his chamchas and the rest of us who do not agree with him, shall be the wretched of the earth.

Undoubtedly, the pretender to the throne, judging by the early podrome, is aspiring not to be a respectable democrat different from his sire on the throne but to proliferate the Musevenocracy which has choked us for decades.

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