There will never be a Perfect Democracy Neither Will President Museveni hand over Power on Silver Platters – Akampa Tanbull

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Well, I have participated on different panels to discuss Civic space for youth, Governance and democracy in Uganda.

In most of these panels youth seem to be calling upon the old guards to give or create space.

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In my own view, I think this is next to impossible!
No body will ever give political space they are occupying currently to another person to come and take over just like that!, This is not a perfect democracy either.

Its more utopian and not reality because in a normal democracy people grow through ranks and take different positions of power and influence in society depending on whether there is a vacuum or not.

An election has to be held, people come out, stand or offer themselves to lead and yes, they lead when voted into those offices.

Democracy its self is relative and every society has its own way of looking at democracy but there are universally accepted principles of democracy like rule of Law, Free and fair elections held regularly, Freedom of Media or Speech, Human rights/social justice, Equity and many more.

In Uganda for example, we hold elections regularly, these elections are free and fair though with isolated cases of violence from the opportunists in Opposition, Civil society and at times cases of police Brutality/excessive force by the security forces.

But still in these elections, all citizens have been free to participate at all levels, we have had new political parties like National unity Platform (NUP), winning majority spaces that were formally being held by Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) as well those that were held by DP as well NRM especially in Central and Eastern parts of Uganda. This was a fair competition and a sign of a growing democracy in Uganda.

Youth should there fore stop lamenting, the space for them is there, though too competitive and costly and that is democracy.

Let young people unite and take up spaces to influence and determine the Uganda they want to see or have been waiting for. No one will look for them to put them in positions of power or influence. No body looked for President Museveni and his group, they came out, identified their common problem of then, organized, united, they went to the bush and took power! The rest is history.
Actually this group has been and kept more organized than any other generation world over, not even the descendants of NRA/ sons and daughters!

All political parties in Uganda and world over have their own internal democratic challenges, including the super powers like USA, Russia, China, S.Africa, Egypt and many others, simply because power is not given on silver platters, those who fight to get power, struggle to keep it and maintain their grip at whatever cost.

Then those without power ( Opposition political parties in this case) have to struggle to get power from those who have it and this is so costly and an expensive venture not for the weak hearted! It takes a lot of courage, passion, dedication and commitment. Some die before tasting this power and those who survive or live longer finally get to go through. This is only more dependant on nature and time.

For Uganda’s case, I think we should advocate for regional balance of Power after President Museveni, this system of Governance could heal wounds and enable regions to compete on levelled grounds as we build Uganda a nation.

On how democracy creates employment opportunities for the youth.
When youth come out in large numbers and participate in electoral processes as either a voter or a candidate, you determine the kind of leaders you get and the leaders you vote determine and influence the policies which either create a conducive environment for the economy to grow thus create a more conducive environment for investments which lead to more employment opportunities.

If the quality of policy makers is poor, do not expect better policies nor more employment opportunities. This is the puzzle that youth have to think hard about.

I will share more in the due course but I want to thank my fellow panelists who have always turned me into a punching bag for all NRM’s or President Museveni’s errors, but as we engage further, let us always give credit to even the good deeds and not dwell too much on what has only gone wrong.
Thank you CCG Centre For Constitutional Governance for creating Civic Space TV for the youth of Uganda to have honest conversations about Uganda’s future and discover their role in building a more Democratic Uganda they have always wanted to see.

Uganda still remains a growing democracy like any other Country in the World.

For God & my Country Uganda.


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