Panic at the OPM as PM Nabbanja fills juicy positions with relatives

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Panic at the OPM as Nabbanja fills juicy positions with relatives

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has come out to defend why she decided to recruit her relatives including her own two biological daughters in to her office a matter that has raised eyebrows of many especially their political enemies.

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The matter has seen some of the staff whom she fired to create space for her relatives attempt to seek intervention from other higher authorities claiming that her actions were inhuman and segregative.

Nabbanja’s office recruited 5 close relatives, including two biological children, in the Office of the Leader of Government Business, which leads and coordinates all government business in Parliament.

In an interview on the matter, Ms Nabbanja confirmed that two of her daughters have been employed by the Office of the Leader of Government Business following her appointment.
One of her daughters has been hired as a senior liaison officer in the Office of the Leader of Government Business. Ms Nabbanja says her daughter is qualified and had been prior to her appointment an employee of Parliament as far back as 2016.

Ms Nabbanja’s other daughter is employed as an office assistant (Minute Secretary) in the same office. Other people in the same office linked to Ms Nabbanja are a liaison officer, who is reportedly the daughter of the premier’s late brother.

Another, employed as a liaison officer, is the wife of Ms Nabbanja’s brother while another is the cousin of the Prime Minister.

Ms Nabbanja said the three “could be” members of her constituency – Kakumiro District – and that nothing hinders them from taking roles in one of her offices.

“It is true I know the two children. You should ask about the rest to the Parliamentary Commission and the Clerk (to Parliament) because they know how they came to be working in Parliament. They are children of the Prime Minister, but they are entitled to work,” she said.

“My children are not part of my politics. As the President tells you, play with him, but don’t play with his family. Faridah [one of those said to be her daughter] has a Master degree in Oil and Gas and she is qualified to work anywhere. The law allows the Leader of the Government Business to second some people. Do you want someone to appoint a personal assistant for me?” she asked.

Nabbanja says that accusers are digging up rubbish adding that it is not easy for one to keep a clean record in this country asking whether the people from Kakumiro are not supposed to get jobs.

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