Bobi Wine and Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba coalition will drive Uganda out of 3rd world country – Akampa Tanbull

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Some section of Ugandans, NRM members, relatives and friends will not get to understand the point I am trying to put across but those who are peace loving Ugandans will surely comprehend my point of view.

Where as am a supporter of NRM and President Museveni, I am almost as old as the years he has been a President.

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I have actively participated in two elections, that is 2016 and 2021 where I have been a media strategist, Trainer of Vote Protectors for President Museveni.

I/We have worked with handlers who I will not disclose at the moment. These handlers from State House have always disappeared from us immediately after elections and life has had to continue any way even when our soldiers have been neglected and been left in the wilderness!

In all these elections I have witnessed how it has always largely been a one man’s show. Our President, has always had no competition at all given the fact that he is experienced with elections and people around him are always in the field in order to retain their jobs or get promoted at the end of the elections.

These people around him do whatever it takes to manipulate the rest of us who may have no access to the President, they paint the picture even after elections that all is well.
The public will look at those who have been left to the world as well off and arrived! The grill continues grilling!

The handlers at State house or even with NRM will never pick phone calls, reply emails or texts neither even check on you and the team you worked with under their directives. You are now left like obwaana bwe mbaata! This topic will be expounded on in the near future.

Where as Hon Robert Kyaguranyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine came out to inspire Young people to challenge the status quo, be the voice of the voiceless, champion social justice cause for a fair and just Uganda, whatever he went through only him and God knows and will reward him accordingly. He is loved by a section of young people, this team heading NUP is a bit exposed and good with the new digital media, same a as the team that supports Lt Gen Muhoozi Keinerugaba who is by the way rumoured to be coming for the number one office of the land.

The advantage that Gen Muhoozi has over Bobi Wine is that he has a following he has created in the army or security forces that is more loyal.
Now, if Muhoozi and Bobi Wine had a coalition of sorts, Uganda would move at a faster speed out of 3rd World given the fact that thinking is more millennial than that of the 40s & 60s. Those of the 70s & 80s who thought the only challenge was lack of peace by then. Today peace is not just a mere absence of wars but also people sleeping hungry, people being unemployed, not accessing health services or even GBV are signs of not one being a happy and peaceful citizen.

Therefore, people need jobs, corruption has to deliberately be fought, service delivery should be streamlined to the people, Commercial agriculture should not remain rhetoric…Bobi and MK are both good at new Information Technology tools, and these are new global economic influencers.

It is therefore paramount that Muhoozi Keinerugaba and Hon Bobi Wine enter into a coalition and there, I new dawn will have come to Uganda. They have more potential if they worked as a team. Uganda sees a lot of hope and fundamental change for a secured future.

For God & My Country Uganda.

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