Government wealth creation funds are not a grain but a seed to plant, says Hon Godfrey Kiwanda

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Government well creation funds are not a grain but a seed to plant, says Hon Godfrey Kiwanda.

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NRM Vice Chairperson Central region who is also the Chairperson of the Kisoboka Campaign 2021 – 2026 has come out give guidance on how the citizens of Uganda can benefit more from the different wealth creation programs from government.

Hon Kiwanda says that the people of Uganda should stop seeing the wealth creation funds as a grain to eat but should rather know that these funds are a seed to plant or invest so that one can harvest from its yields to jump out of the ditch of poverty.

Hon Kiwanda adds that the mistake most Ugandans make is to think that the government money is a donation to them to eat which is not true because the work of government is to help people to find stability financially by giving them a hand through its different wealth creation programs not just mere giving them cash to eat and remain poor.

“The funds that come to your Saccos are your seeds not grains to eat. A seed is planted so as in the future, you can harvest. A grain is put in the saucepan , cooked and eaten. Government gives seeds not grains. Dont eat the money that comes to you from government but rather invest it.” Hon Kiwanda says

Hon Kiwanda’s words come at a time when there has been less impact of the different wealth creation programs in the country to uplift the incomes and standards of living of the people.

Hon Kiwanda says he came up with the Kisoboka campaign that will be an avenue to identify progressive farmers in a certain area within Buganda region whose farms can be used as models to train more farmers on how to benefit more from their sweats.

Kisoboka campaign went ahead to go into a patternship with the Directorate of Industrial Training to assess these farmers so that they can be awarded certificates there after.

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