Museveni is heaven sent and a messiah in Uganda, says Namayanja Rose Nsereko

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Museveni is heaven sent and a messiah in Uganda.” Namayanja Rose Nsereko

The National Resistance Movement – NRM Deputy Secretary General Hon Rose Namanya praised Gen Museveni for the good he has done for this country. Her praises and applauds came as the NRM celebrated Gen Museveni’s birthday yesterday thanking the almighty for dragging the NRA commander this far.

“When Mzee Amos Kaguta and Jjaja Esteri Kokundeka were welcoming the baby boy named Museveni 77 years ago, they did not know that they were giving birth to a global icon, a continental leader, a nationalist and a father of our nation,” Namayanja said.

Likening President Museveni to King Solomon, who instead of asking God for riches asked for wisdom, Namayanja also said that God granted wisdom to President Museveni which has enabled him to take the country this far.

“I want to thank God who granted wisdom to our President to diagnose the problems of the country and provide the best prescription that has brought us this far. As the country’s vision bearer, Ugandans should be so proud to have him as their president,” Namayanja said.

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