I am commiting all my energy to professionalize agriculture in Buganda,says Hon Godfrey Kiwanda

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I am commiting all my energies to professionalize agriculture in Buganda.” Hon Godfrey Kiwanda.

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During the launch of the five year patternship between Kisoboka Campaign 2021 – 2026 and The Directorate of Industrial Training Uganda in Kampala, Hon Kiwanda said that he is going to do what ever is possible to see that people especially the youths engaging in agriculture carry it out in a professional way after being equipped with the skills.

Hon Kiwanda said that many people have not benefited from the different wealth creation programs from government simply because many do not actually know what to use this money for ending up eating it while others do wrong investments that yield nothing in the end.

He adds that therefore this patternship is aimed at skilling people so that they have ample knowledge on exactly what they are going to do so as they do not waste their energies and money.

Kiwanda adds that the role of the DIT will be examining the farmers to assess that they have reached a certain level of professionism, awarding them certificates and later these people can also act as trainers to other amateur farmers. Kiwanda says this chain will have a positive impact by the end of the 5 year patternship.

“We are going to traverse the whole Buganda region which is my area of jurisdiction by the virtue of being the NRM Vice Chairperson of the region and make sure that this positive impact can sink to every district, sub county, parish and village.” Hon Kiwanda said

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