President Museveni does not know the day his was born.” Ssemujju Nganda

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Ssemujju Nganda’s words came after govt Chief whip Thomas Tayebwa was trying to move a motion in parliament aimed at recognizing and celebrating Gen Museveni’s birthday today.

A bitter Ssemujju interjected in saying that it’s on record that the President does not know his actual birthday basing on the writings in his book Sowing the Mustard Seed where he wrote that he is not sure of the real date his was born.

Officially, today the 15th September is Gen Museveni’s birthday having been born according to records on 15th September 1944 to parents Mzee Amos Kaguta (1916–2013), a cattle keeper, and Esteri Kokundeka Nganzi (1918–2001), a housewife. He is a Muhima of the kingdom of Mpororo now part of Ankole.

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