With President Museveni order, UPDF would punish mutiny troops in Guinea Conakry in a day, says Gen Muhoozi

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With President Museveni order UPDF would punish mutiny troops in Guinea Conakry in a day, says Gen Muhoozi. Whisper Eye News

The commander of Land Forces Lt Gen Muhoozi Kaneirugaba has shown interest in overturning a military coup detat in Guinea Conakry.

According to Gen Muhoozi tweet, it would take just a day to over ran a military coup in the west Africa country.

“If our Commander in Chief gave us instructions it wouldn’t take UPDF a day to discipline mutinous troops like the ones in Guinea.”Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Commander land forces Gen Muhoozi has roared once again this time bitter about how the army in Guinea overthrew a legitimate government led by Alpha Condé in a military coup.

Gen Muhoozi says that it cannot even take a day for the NRA forces to squeeze and oust the junta regime in Guinea if they get a military instruction from the commander in chief to reinstate peace in Guinea.

Muhoozi adds that nothing is compared to the Millitary might of the National Resistance Army because it second to non in Africa.

President Alpha Conde is still under arrest following his overthrow two weeks ago but the African Union is doing all what it can to see the the military junta release Alpha Conde.

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