Terrible: Mpigi School owners urge govt as they turn classrooms into poultry farms

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Terrible: Mpigi School owners urge govt as they turn classrooms into poultry farms

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The school owners in Mpigi district have appealed to Uganda government to lift lockdown on schools after spending close to two years with out serious business due to Covid-19 pandemic.

A number of school owners our reporter interview are stuck with bank loans, and those who resorted to money lenders are bound to loose their schools due to huge loan interests.

Whisper Eye exclusively interviewed Sheikh Arafaat Kasule Makondeere the director of Abdussalaam Islamic Centre Mpigi primary school Mpigi, who openly revealed that he started a poultry project in school’s classes to earn a living.

“We failed to pay teachers, and supportive staff due to huge loses incurred during the ongoing lockdown on Schools,” says Sheikh Makondeere.

Sheikh draws for support

“I had to think what to do to get money for my family, and my staff. The best I thought was starting poultry project,” he explained.

Sheikh Makondeere is rung a project of about 1000 birds in some of the classrooms used during schooling time.

“Well wishers should come to our rescue, we started the project of our classrooms building, before Covid-19 pandemic, unfortunately the major funder died of Covid-19. Now we are stuck, and the building has developed cracks due to rain since it is not roofed,” Sheikh Makondeere stated.

“I’m on my knees requesting all good Samaritans to save this project. You can reach through; my mobile phone contacts; 0702747130 or 0778334089, email address; abdussalaamislamiccentre@gmail.com,
Facebook page: Sheikh Arafaat Makondeere,” he cried for help.

It is not clear when schools will be allowed to open up again after Covid-19 lockdown.

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