Police to start using drones to hunt down criminals

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Police to start using drones to hunt down criminals

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has today told the media that Police has found a new of cracking down criminals in the country.

Enanga has said that Police is to procure drones that will be used to hunt down criminals in the country with greater Masaka highlighted among the areas where these drones will be deployed.

Enanga added that the increasing insecurity in the country especially caused by the panga wielding men has made Ugandans have sleepless nights and thus police has decided to beef up the security to restore total peace in the country.

Sofar 29 people have been butchered by the Bijambiya assailants with many warning leaflets being thrown allover the country warning people on how they will be slaughtered next.
Drones are an unmanned aerial tech objects with cameras used to record and survey a certain area from a bird eye’s view.

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