No law forbids Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba from contesting for Uganda’s presidency, says Ofwono Opondo

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No law forbids Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba from contesting for the presidency.” Ofwono Opondo.

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Govt Spokesperson has hinted on the issue of Muhoozi appearing on the ballot paper in 2026.

According to OO, there is no law that forbids Gen Muhoozi from contesting for the presidency in any coming election cycle because he has all what is needed to appear on the ballot paper.

Mr OO says that Muhoozi is a Ugandan with a sound mind having the minimum academic qualifications to contest for any position he wishes to when time for elections comes.

Mr OO has advised those in the Opposition who may not want Gen Muhoozi to be a president to simply go to parliament and annex a law that can block him

” If you think Gen Muhoozi is not fit to be a president, tell your area MP to move a mortion that can block him but as far as I know, he is eligible to be a leader on whatever level.” OO said

Opondo’s words come at a time when there is a romour circulating showing how Gen Museveni is preparing his son to succeed him as the next head of state.

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