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Kakande Hafdwar commonly referred to as Kakande Power is a student of Education at the Islamic University in Uganda

Kakande is son of the late Hajji Hood Ssettaala and Mrs Nalweyiso Aisha

Kakande rose to the limelight after his passionate love for social justice and making tangible differences in the community know as the problem solver has made him be referred to as the Power house of the Mbale based university

Kakande power is a students darling who they aswell refer to as there shield and most say his the man for the job because he has already demonstrated outstanding charisma in fighting for students rights

Among others Kakande fought and say the extension of late registration of semester two amid the constrains of the second covid pandemic

As if that was not enough Kakande through his leadership of Rotaract Mbale organised as Rotaract run that was aimed a getting sanitary pads to the indigent young girls in poverty stricken Nkoma a move that was termed as one of the most humanitarian things that happened in 2020

A young and vibrant Kakande has done so much to elevate the lives of fellow students and has put up a savings Sacco that helps the students with tuition top ups and they pay up after with less interests and this has made many students achieve their goals of obtaining a bachelor’s degree
Islamic University in Uganda is a moslem founded University that is open to all Ugandan and its has four campuses and Mbale based Campus being its main Campus

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