Pia Pounds: Tupaate remix review – Eddy Kenzo does it better

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By Kaweesa Hope Mulangira

Pia Pounds: Tupaate remix review – Eddy Kenzo does it better. Whisper Eye News

“It’s a Friday” Tupaate remix song is the latest song and most sophisticated yet in Uganda.

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Uganda’s music that currently sounds afrobeat has been on the rise over the past few years with a blend of dancehall beats.

Heavily auto-tuned, hybrids of dancehall is taking a big stage on the music world.

At the one set it’s reported that Eddy Kenzo once musician under his Big Talent founded music group “Pia Pounds” Tupaate song was released bitterly 12 months until “MC Africa’ reached out and luckily his charm hyped the song that is becoming another anthem in Uganda.

It’s true the introduction of Kenzo on the Jam has successfully fixed the song number one on all music charts.

It trends number one since it’s release on September 3, 2021 on Youtube a top video streaming platform.

But Kenzo sound love is skinner and more talented than before, its fact.

Talented Pia Pounds new fan MC Africa based in Mbale with “its a Friday, pa pa pa pate Twende Tupaate ” it’s a weekend! people rotate enough love!, sure pa pa pa paate in this ban on all musical happening in the country takes number one.

100% scored

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