I have no personal grudge with Museveni, I just hate the way he has mismanaged this country, says Kizza Besigye

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Four-time presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has come out to say that he doesn’t personally hate Museveni but only hates his actions alleging that Museveni has mismanaged this country.

Besigye says this country doesn’t belong to Museveni and thus every Ugandan has a right to speak about the wrongs and injustices that keep spiking every now and then.

Besigye says it’s a misinterpretation from many people especially those in government that think he is fighting a personal war with Museveni claiming that the war is about liberating the country and eventually everyone will benefit from it.

Besigye adds that even if this government has attacked him personally and his family, he will never revenge on anyone personally for the wrongs they did against him.

Besigye also adds that Gen Museveni should know that Ugandans are tired of him and should think of giving them the power that belongs to them and not wait to be pushed out just like the many other Dictators in Africa.

Besigye cited the example of the just recently overthrown Guinea President Alpha Conde who changed the constitution to his favor so that he could stand for the 3rd term adding that he is now regretting his actions and wishes he had not disastrously changed the constitution against the people’s will.

The former FDC president also adds Museveni should look at what his fellow dictators have ended up into and thus if he really wants the future of this country to ever be stable, he should step aside before being forced to

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