Embattled former NUP leaders Kibalama, Ssimbwa apology to Bobi Wine & David Lewis over continued attacks

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By Kaweesa Hope Mulangira

Embattled former NUP leaders Kibalama, Ssimbwa apology to Bobi Wine & David Lewis over continued attacks.

Former president of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Mzee Moses Nkonge Kibalama and his son-in-law, the former Secretary general of NUP Ssimbwa Paul Kagombe have apologise to the current top leadership of their Party.

The embattled founder of NUP Mzee Kibalama and the administrative secretary Mr Ssimbwa yesterday apologised to the Party president Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert also known as Bobi Wine and the Secretary general David Lewis Rubongoya over continued attacks in the media.

Yesterday Mzee Moses Nkonge Kibalama and former Secretary General Ssimbwa Paul Kagombe made a public statement withdrawing the complaints they have previously made against NUP and its present leadership.

They also wrote to the Electoral Commission formally withdrawing their complaints.

“We are glad that these comrades have taken this step and we hope they will continue to stand by their word,” says Mr Rubongoya.

“As we have consistently said, these comrades have no problem. The challenge has always been the regime which seeks to use everyone and everything to fight its opponents,” he added.

There is an allegation that the embattled founders of NUP party have been used by state agents to weaken the their party according to members.

“As NUP, we have no problem with Mzee Kibalama and Comrade Paul Kagombe. But the problem is those state agents who have been using them to cause havoc. Now they have learnt that they use them, and dump them after,” Counsel Rubongoya stated.

“We are the National Unity Platform and we shall continue seeking to live by this name in action by building synergies with every Ugandan as we aim for a New Uganda,” he explained.

Mzee Kibalama and Mr Kagombe attempted to terminate the Memorandum of Understanding signed between them and People Power Movement led by hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert and Counsel David Lewis Rubongoga.

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