What happened in Guinea can never happen here under the NRM.” GEN Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

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Gen Museveni commented on the military coup that happened in Guinea that saw his friend Alpha Condé lose power in a very humiliating way.

Gen Museveni says that the coup is unpleasant adding that the junta government should be told to leave because it will not solve the problems of the country.

Gen Museveni when asked if something of the sort can happen under his reign, his answer was straight foward. The NRA general said that such rubbish can not happen when he is still the president of Uganda.

He added that so many groups in the past have tried to take power by force from him but left disappointed because he defeated them.

“Never Never, such nosense cannot happen here under the NRM. We have defeated so many groups in the past that thought can take power by force here. It can never happen.” He said

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