There is a deliberate effort to kill all Baganda high profile persons.” Hon Lutamaguzi Semakula Pk

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Nakaseke south MP Honourable Paul Luttamaguzi has come out to say that the many unexplained deaths of prominent men from the Baganda tribe is a master plan by a certain group of people to silence Baganda.

Luttamaguzi says that it is not by mistake that in a very short period, many top religious leaders from the ganda tribe have died mysteriously with the cause of deaths having question marks especially in the public.

Luttamaguzi adds that a certain group of people he termed as satanic have their agenda of destroying Buganda and therefore who ever man or woman comes out to speak about the injustices in the country is targeted and silenced by any means.

Luttamaguzi was talking about the deaths of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata, Bishops Kizito Cyprian Lwanga, and recently Archbishop Jonah Lwanga.

Luttamaguzi also adds that a special Investigation should be done to find out why religious leaders especially from Baganda tribe are dieing so quickly in succession especially when they were vocal while speaking about the injustices in the country.

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