MP petition constitutional court to order government to open up worshipping centres

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MPs petition constitutional court to order government to open up worshipping centres. Whisper Eye News

Mps led by Hon Balimwezo have taken government to court to force it open up worshipping centres that have been closed for the last 3 months.

The politicians were also joined by some religious leaders who have also added a voice making it clear that government is taking the power of God for granted.

Balimwezo says that today the domestic violence cases are rising because of closing worship places where people could run and talk to their religious leaders on how to solve some of these problems.

Balimwezo also adds that even in Parliament, the legislators are many and always converge in big numbers but the institution functions well and thus sees no reason why churches that carry close to the same numbers remain closed.

He also says that it is time for government to think about the role of worshipping centres in the community which have done more good than harm.

Ever since the coming of the 2nd wave of the covid pandemic, Churches are among the institutions that were affected by the Presidential orders of the lockdown with no hope of being openned up any soon.

Gen Museveni said that churches bring together so many people adding that the conduct of people especially in the born again churches are likely to spread the virus further and thus they have to wait abit long before they are re-openned.

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