Bijjambiya leaflets throw Bushenyi residents into panic, “we want 27 heads”

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By Felix Biryomumaisho

Residents of Bushenyi district are in unbearable panic after the purported machete wielding Bijambiya assailants dropped leaflets threatening them of their invasion.

According to residents who ran making alarms on different social media platforms, different leaflets indicating that the Bijambiyas are coming to Bushenyi are being found in different parts of the District.

A resident from Ishaka in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality who preferred anonymity said on one of the leaflets, the alleged Bijambiyas noted that they want 27 heads just over the weekend.

“We are coming to Bushenyi just wait for us because they have chased us in Masaka” a note reads.

The Bijambiyas had been terrorizing lives in Masaka, Mityana, Wakiso and some other districts of Central Uganda.

However, over the weekend the joint Security announced that they have defeated the Bijambiyas in the area.

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